BESC/BIETC African Cargo Electronic Tracking Order - China Regional issuing Agency

Whether it is container, bulk cargo, vehicle, ro-ro ship, bulk carrier sent goods, there are BESC/BIETC requirements of the country, must apply for BESC/BIETC.
I. Please inform the contact information of your company before application, and provide the certificate camp to facilitate the establishment of files.
2. Shipping information, detailed information of each shipment, (loading date, container shape, container size, bulk or RO-RO shipment, vehicle number, etc.)
3.Our company will issue a bill, invoice to your company to pay, after the receipt of the account, our company will according to the customers requirements and information, timely release numbers or records.
4.Send the draft to your company for confirmation, after confirming that it is correct, our company will send the original BESC/BIETC to your company in time.

The BESC/BIETC for African country applications requires the following information:
1. COPY of owners Bill of Lading or scanned copy of Owners original bill of lading.
2. Complete the BESC/BIETC application form.
3. Stamped commercial invoice.
4. Scanned copy of the bottom of the customs declaration form (required by some countries).
5. Shipping invoice (Some countries require shipping invoice for FOB transaction terms).
The above is the basic required information. Some countries ECTN can apply for ECTN number in advance with SO, carton paper and application form. Some shipowners require ECTN number to be displayed on the bill of lading.
Some ports apply for ECTN and have special requirements, such as Congo requiring TI documents and Angola requiring DU documents. Our customer service will communicate with your company about the specific details.

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